Ballet and Covid in 2021

After a short break for the New Year’s holidays — January 1st to 6th were holidays for the Mariinsky and just Jan. 1st for the Bolshoi — Russian theatres slowly resumed their full performance schedule in early 2021 with the 50% capacity rule in most places.*

With the rollout of the Sputnik V this year, increasing numbers of citizens and visitors have been receiving the vaccine against the coronavirus, which will hopefully slow the spread and ease the country back to normalcy.

January and February passed without any notable premieres at the top 2 theatres except for the repeat of last September’s Bolshoi programme, “Four Characters in Search of a Plot”.

March promises some excitement though, when the Bolshoi will premiere “Orlando”, if all goes as planned, on March 24th. The work by Christian Shpuck, currently the head of Ballet Zurich in Switzerland, is based on Virginia Wolfe’s novel about a creature who travels across 350 years of time, changing from male to female along the way. Created and rehearsed during the pandemic, it will premiere on the Bolshoi’s new stage.

Meanwhile, word has it that the Mariinsky Festival will resume this April, which would be great news indeed, since last year’s was interrupted by the start of the pandemic and a national lockdown. But without the ability to import foreign dancers, which is usually the focus of the festival, it remains to be seen what might be presented.

*At the Bolshoi, the upper balconies and box seats are closed permanently and tickets to those seats are not sold. Instead the orchestra seats are sold in a checkerboard pattern, but people re-seat themselves (next to each other) and masks and social distancing are perfunctory measures to get through the door, at best.