Gennady Seliutsky, Great Pedagogue

23 December 1937 – 29 October 2020


It is with a very heavy heart that I share the sad news of the passing, yesterday, of the Mariinsky’s greatest male pedagogue, Gennady Seliutsky. Known for his character roles on stage and moreso for a sparkling career honing the talents of the Mariinsky’s top male dancers. While I never worked as closely with him as his dancers did, I had the honour of interviewing him several times, and ever since then, whenever we crossed paths, his warm smile and demeanour always welcomed me with a short chat. I know how devastated the dancers are today, and my own tears fall as I share their grief. Rest in peace dear Gennady Naumovich, you will be greatly missed, always remembered, and never replaced.

“What is ballet? the art of ballet? It is music that you see and feel.” – Gennady Seliutsky